Universal Design guidelines and standards for ICT

The Centre for Excellence in Universal Design is a partner of the Access+ network of 25 partners coming from all over Europe. The network has developed a cooperative platform for co-ordinating, supporting and improving the implementation of eAccessibility throughout Europe. It focuses on the technology areas of:

  • convergent communication and digital audio-visual media,
  • Self-sevice terminals
  • web

The eAccess+ Hub is an extensive wiki with information on each of these technology area and how to make them more accessible for everyone including persons with disaiblities and older persons.

Web accessibility techniques

Contains advice including best practice examples, code samples and video clips of real users for:

Procuring accessible IT solutions

Buying a new website, content management system, kiosk or other hardware or software solution? The IT Procurement Toolkit will guide you in identifying clear and measurable accessibility requirements.

Auditing Web Accessibility

Advice on how to get the most out of auditing a website for accessibility, reaching a certain level of accessibility and maintaining this level over time.

IT Accessibility Guidelines

Technical accessibility guidelines, advice and resources on a range of technologies. Telecoms, Application software, Smart cards, Public access terminals , Web.