Case Study 1: A lot of things can be too complicated

Una is a 69 year old woman who lives alone. She receives Digital TV into her home from one of the two major Irish pay-TV service providers and has experienced a few difficulties. She uses the Electronic Programme Guide but feels that it could be easier:

A bit crowded. It could be laid out better.

She particularly likes the ability to record programmes, but found it difficult at first:

I find it great but a bit hard to get used to at the beginning.

Una was pleased that the installation of the service was very efficient and easy, but she has difficulty with her billing:

So much information and detail, it’s hard to
work out how much it actually

When she called customer services with a query, she didn’t like the automated response:

The usual menu to direct and redirect your call. I am
not a great fan of this. I would prefer to get through to a person instead of a