Where possible, provide personal assistance


Most people wish to maintain their independence. If a service requires that a family member or friend be present in order to successfully install or alter equipment, this challenges a person’s independence and dignity. The option for a customer to have a representative call to their house can be invaluable.

When dealing with customer service queries by phone, the customer is often required to carry out a task (e.g. Plug out a cable, switch on and off a piece of equipment) according to spoken instructions. Notwithstanding the difficulty of giving instructions to a person lacking the familiar range of abilities, following those instructions can cause considerable difficulties for some people.

I find I need someone else on hand to unplug etc.
while following instructions.

Impossible for a blind person
to do so without sighted

Guidelines survey respondents.

A call out from a service engineer can be invaluable.

The service guys were great and tried to help me as
best they could with totally inaccessible equipment.

The engineer did everything. He
also went through the remote control with me and explained how it

Guidelines survey respondents.

Directions and techniques

Offer a callout in cases where the customer is unable to follow instructions given by phone or other means

If callouts are provided as an alternative to other inaccessible channels of communication, flexibility should be provided in the timing of call-outs and it should be possible for people to get assistance outside of office hours for customers who are working.