2.2 Provide a way for the user to cancel the whole transaction at any point and retrieve any items they have inserted

The user should be able to abandon any incomplete or unconfirmed requests at any time during a transaction. This should result in all inputs, such as money and cards) being returned and no further outputs being generated. The terminal should then return to the starting point of the transaction.


" The Return Card button always works as a get out method. " - blind user

Some users may get a certain way into a transaction before finding that they are unable to continue. This could be due to a variety of situations, such as having become confused, coming across instructions or information that they cannot understand or being requested to provide inputs that they cannot make. This could happen at any time. They may feel that they will be able to carry out the transaction successfully if they start again or they may have to give up completely and try an alternative service. In either case, they will need to have any money or cards returned to them.

Directions and Techniques

Provide a constantly available Cancel button

How you could check for this:

There are no specific test methods recommended for this guideline.