Guidelines for Telecoms Accessibility - Priority 2

Following priority 2 will make it easier to use and will include more people with cognitive impairments or multiple disabilities.

2.1 Allow sufficient time to accommodate the slowest users

Explanation and help for allowing sufficient time

2.2 Ensure that the user interface and task flow is similar across different functions and remains the same across repeated visits

Explanation and help for maintaining consistency between tasks

2.3 When deploying more than one version of a device, ensure that the user interfaces are similar

Explanation and help for ensuring consistency across devices

2.4 Ensure that videophones allow simultaneous text dialogue

Explanation and help for allowing simultaneous text dialogue

2.5 Do not require users to remember a fixed supplied pin

Explanation and help for not requiring a fixed supplied pin

2.6 Provide for users with multiple impairments

Explanation and help for providing for multiple impairments