DES 1 – Provide a consistent and flexible design

Why is this important?

Consistency is one of the most important principles behind good interactive design and accessible content.

Cross-page consistency helps people efficiently navigate, read and interact with digital content. Being forced to learn the structure of every new page or section can be annoying for everyone but it can make life particularly difficult for some people.

Some users may need to enlarge or magnify elements of a web page in order to see the content. If the webpage is not specifically designed to adapt to being viewed up close, page elements may cease to display correctly and it may become difficult for the user to read or interact with what's on screen.

Using an adaptive or responsive layout ensures that the content on the page is able to change to accommodate users at a variety of different viewport dimensions or zoom levels.

In this section

    • Aim for maximum consistency
    • Design adaptive or responsive layouts

References for this section

WCAG 2.1

EN 301 549 v 2.1.2

    • Orientation
    • Consistent Navigation
    • Consistent Identification


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