Writing an accessibility policy

Because of its importance, accessibility should be explicitly identified as a core feature of your organisation’s it strategy and should be expressed in the appropriate policy documents.

Accessibility policy document

Your accessibility policy should cover the following topics:

  • Accessibility targets for different types of it;
  • The use of an inclusive, user-centred design
  • Methods to be used to consult and involve people with
  • Policy on maintaining accessibility;
  • Awareness raising and skills building amongst
    staff; and
  • Policy on dealing with suggestions, comments or complaints
    regarding the accessibility of your it-based products and services.

The guidance provided in this toolkit will help you draft appropriate policies. In particular, you might refer to the following sections:

To foster a culture of inclusion, all staff should be made aware of the accessibility policy.

Corporate procurement plan

Your accessibility policy should also inform your procurement plans. Under the national public procurement policy framework, all public bodies are expected to develop a corporate procurement plan as well as individual plans for significant purchases. The plans should address the policy and practical approach to be adopted and examine the systems, procedures and staff capabilities that support procurement.